CFturbo GmbH offers courses in the field of turbomachinery.

  • The course "Turbomachinery fundamentals" comprises basic turbomachinery correlations, including system behaviour in the plant.
  • The course "Turbomachinery design theory and CFturbo practicing (2 days)" comprises turbomachinery basics, the individual design steps for impellers and volutes as well as detailed CFturbo practicing.
  • The course "Turbomachinery design with CFturbo (1 day)" focuses on the operation and application of  CFturbo, and also includes a brief overview of the theoretical background.
  • The course "CFD based turbomachinery design" contains an overview of modern design procedures in connection with flow simulation (CFD) of the designed parts.
  • Further topics can be agreed individually to satisfy specific customer requirements.
  • The courses are designed for employees from Research + Development, Management, Marketing, Sales and further sectors who wish to acquire  sound theoretical knowledge of turbomachinery building or expand existing knowledge, and who wish to familiarise themselves with modern, CAE-based design processes.
(1) Turbomachinery fundamentalsTheoretical fundamentals + system behaviour1 day
(2) Turbomachinery design theory and CFturbo practicingTheoretical fundamentals + design procedure + CFturbo practicing2 days
(3) Turbomachinery design with CFturboTheory overview + CFturbo application1 day
(4) CFD based turbomachinery designDesign procedure + CFD1 day
Dateson request


The costs of the course depend on the scope of topics, the number of attendees and the course venue (at CFturbo GmbH or in the customer’s company).

Course documentation in printed form is included in the price.

We will be happy to send you a quotation at your detailed request.