We offer the following services:

  • Design, recalculation and optimisation of turbomachinery

    Application of modern CAE methods for swift, efficient development of turbomachinery, parametric modelling.

  • Grid generation for CFD and FEM calculations

    CAD data processing, free form surfaces and solid modelling, creation of complex calculation girds, hexa/tetra/hybrid networks, methods for the automatic networking of fluid and solid domains for linked calculations.

  • Flow simulation - CFD

    Implementation of commercial Navier Stokes solvers like ANSYS-CFX for calculating steady state and transient flows, without/with heat transfer, CHT, moving geometries, multiphase flows, etc.

  • Stress analyses - FEM

    Statics and dynamics, vibrations, rotor dynamics, life cycle, fracture mechanics, thermal analyses, fluid structure interface, etc.

  • Product development

    Concept planning, processing of design proposals, version optimisation.

  • Prototyping and experiments

    3D design, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and validation of simulation results in cooperation with partners from the spheres of industry and science.

  • Customised software development

    Adjustment of “CFturbo“ to special customer requirements, development of independent software solutions from the MCAE environment.

  • Training, seminars, courses, consultancy

    on the following topics:
    design, computation and optimisation of turbomachinery, complex grid generation, implementation of CAE methods for turbomachinery.