Engineering Services


The consistent implementation of modern simulation methods offers obvious benefits in the development of turbomachinery and systems. In the shortest of times, high quality designs can be created and verified. Virtual product development dramatically reduces the outlay entailed by expensive and time-consuming simulation tests.

A key factor is the optimum interplay of design and post calculation procedures. Besides a rather intuitive, sequential method, commercial CFD/FEM programs can be combined, allowing the entire calculation and optimisation process to be conducted in batch mode.

Our company offers consultancy and support in the introduction of CAE methods, as well as extensive services covering the design, post-calculation and optimisation of turbomachinery.

5-axis milling tool path calculation and simulation

An impeller designed by „CFturbo“ can be easily transferred to software systems for milling tool path calculation and simulation. The images are showing the machining of a compressor impeller in the software system of ModuleWorks GmbH (Aachen).