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You can download the software to test CFturbo. You will receive a free one-month licence to test all program functions.

The  test licence covers all CFturbo functions, with the exception of data export which is only available for the standard examples (see online help ”Data export restrictions“).

• Test licenses are issued only to company personnel on specification of the details listed below.
• Academic demo licences are not granted directly to students but only to professorial chairs/institutes at the request of the respective professor.

For download and installation the following steps are to be accomplished:

  1. User registration (see below)
  2. User login + download (see below)
  3. Installation (see instructions)
  4. License request (see CFturbo online help)

Information about software licensing are available after registration. For special quotations please mail to

Training can be provided as charged service within the trial period.

Current version:



For updating an existing CFturbo installation it's recommended to use the suggested installations directory and to overwrite the existing files.

Therefore the license remains valid and no further activities are required.

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