Turbomachinery design theory and CFturbo practicing

Theoretical fundamentals + design procedure + CFturbo practicing (2 days)

  • (a) Introduction
    Company profile, services in the field of turbomachinery, computer-aided design process (CAE), future plans for software development
  • (b) Turbomachinery basics
    Turbomachinery classification, basic physical principles, rates and efficiency ratios, system behaviour, characteristics 
  • (c) Geometry description
    Bezier splines, conformal mapping
  • (d) Design of impellers
    Main dimensions, meridian contour, blade angle, mean lines, blade profiles
  • (e) Design of volutes
    Volute types, intake flow, spiral geometry, diffuser, cut-water
  • (f) CFturbo operation and application
    Main window, meridian section, blade design, spiral design, additional functions, interfaces
  • (g) CFturbo practising
    Individual training and examples