Batch mode/ Optimization

Flexible configuration of all available parameters and export interfaces

Undo/ Redo

Available in all design step dialogs

CoolProp library

Use alternatively for fluid properties

Gas mixtures

Create user-defined gas mixtures

Display of solid body properties

Display of mass, center of gravity, mass momentum of inertia for solid elements via context menu in the 3D model tree

Drag & Drop

For *.CFT files into the CFturbo main window


Flexible handling of element properties in the 3D model tree

Impeller/ Stator

Secondary Flow Path

Flexible design at hub and shroud side

Variable tip clearance

Linear transition from inlet to outlet value

Flexible rotational speed

• Separate rotational speeds per impeller
• Contra rotating impellers

Geometry conversion

When switching from Airfoil to Meanline mode

Using multiple profile definitions

Profile definition optionally on any span position, incl. interpolation

Impeller main dimensions

Separate calculation of single impeller main dimensions optionally

Independent Rotor-Stator-Interface

Rotor-Stator-Interface (RSI) decoupled from geometry

Slip modelling

Additional slip model by Backstroem

Slip model information

Detailed information about slip velocity calculation

Model finishing

• for the entire project
• automatically at export


New export interface ANSYS BladeGen BGI (in addition to RTZT)

Meanline design

Several new additional diagram views:

• βB in meridional view
• Wrap angle 
• Wrap angle in meridional view

3D geometry import

Import external 3D geometry data (BladeGen and internal format)

"Blade surface values" (Stanitz/ Prian)

Available in blade profile and blade edges dialog

Additional informative display

Stator blade design for compressors/ turbines:

• isentropic Mach number
• critical area

... and numerous other improvements