Flexible definition of specific speed

to be displayed in the program, mainly for empirical functions

Flexible definition of flow and blade angles

to be displayed in the program and for user input

More comfortable unit selection

click on the unit of each input field allows to switch and convert the unit

Enhanced triangulation of 3D models

  • Enhanced triangulation of 3D models
    very even triangle distribution, adjustable triangulation parameter

Display options directly in the diagrams

for both main and distribution diagrams, facilitates mapping of the options to the diagrams

Several models for thermodynamic gas properties

various real gas models as an alternative to perfect gas behavior

Enhanced error handling with sending bug reports

detect error situations and give the possibility to send a report to the CFturbo support

Allow loading of Model States in Batch Mode

important for all surface/ solid based export formats to define specific geometry to export


Design of waste water pumps (1-3 blades)

specific design theory and empirical correlations

Display of meridional contour with neighboring components

optional display of adjacent geometry

Tangential meridional connections

optional tangential coupling between single curve elements and between neighboring components

Display of currently active empirical functions

to avoid nonconforming designs

Circular blades exactly modelled as cutouts of cylinder barrel surface

to support sheet metal design in CAD

Slip model by Aungier

Optional calculation of slip by Aungier's theory (enhanced Wiesner model)

Display of optimal blade angles for information

including deviation to the currently specified values; most important for simplified blade shapes


Basic functionality for double volutes

Splitter (2nd cut-water) at variable position

Simple 3D-trimming at cut-water

alternative design of cut-water area