New licensing

based on RepriseLM; licensing works on module basis; real license server

Automatically check for available updates

in individual configurable time intervals

Flexible arrangement of informative presentations in dialogs

presentations can be switched on and off; user-defined align right or below the main diagram or floating

3D live preview in dialogs

current 3D model for all design steps; incl. reference designs and imported geometry

Direct transition to next design step from each dialog

fast navigation to next design step without forcing 3D model update

Complete all design steps from each dialog

full completion of component design based on default settings

Approximation of any polylines to Bezier curves

flexible conversion of polylines to Bezier curves of different type; used e.g. for switching between m,t mean lines and β progression

Central export dialog

central configuration of export interfaces; creation of files only or direkt start of CAE applications

Multi-component export

selected export interfaces support combined export of several components

Flexible transformation of imported 3D geometries

translation, rotation and scaling of imported geometries directly in CFturbo bypassing CAD systems

Export of transformed imported 3D geometries

Save transformed import geometries as IGES, STEP or STL

Flexible mouse button functions in 3D-viewer

free configuration of left, middle and right miuse button according to the own habit


Definition of default settings for new designs

variable configuration of default settings for meridional design and blade shape used for new designs

Shiftable meridional trailing edge

optional decoupling of trailing edge and end points of meridional contour

Composed meridional contours

optional flexible composition of hub and shroud contour consisting of several elements, e.g. for hub rounding or definition of straight sections

Free ball passage in blade channel

calculate and display of the maximum possible sphere diameter inside the blade passage

New meridional flow calculation directly in meridional contour design

calculation of 2D meridional flow based on potentional flow theory; display of results directly during meridional design

Calculation of blade circulation in meanline design

calculation of blade loading based on the theory of Stanitz/ Prian; display of results directly during mean line design

Ruled surface blades with any number of sections

variable number of blade sections for ruled surface blade design; important for flexible thickness distribution and splitter blade coupling

Pumps: b2(ε2) by Stepanoff

optional calculation of outlet width b2 according to the theory of Stepanoff using


Any asymmetric cross sections

optional left and right side of cross section independent

Different cross sections by angular position

optional definition of different section types in circumferential direction

Asymmetric round cross section optional squared on top

for maximum utilization of available space

New cross section type "Radius based"

typical section type for pumps consisting of straight lines and circular arcs

Tangential diffusor optional in any inclined position

optional any inclination of tangential diffuser

Fillet cutwater for asymmetric cross sections

now also available for asymmetric cross section type

Spiral calculation optional automatically or manually

allows fixing of existing spiral geometry