• Design of complete machines/ stages consisting of several coupled components
  • Revised graphical user interface of main window
  • New module "Stator" for design of vaned and unvaned stators (radial diffusers, bowl diffusers, free-form)
  • XML file format
  • Viewer mode if no license available


  • Mean lines: design alternatively by direct manipulation of Beta progression
  • Display of all progressions alternatively over meridional (m), radial (r) or axial coordinate (z), using absolute or relative values in each case
  • Meridian: coupling of Bezier points can be switched off optionally
  • Meridian: limit stop for Bezier point positions can be switched off optionally
  • Meridian: easy axial positioning of complete geometry


  • Separate cut-water dialog
  • Asymmetric cross section optionally to other side