New export interface "Turbomachinery CFD"

OpenFOAM based CFD system for turbomachinery

Program options in a central dialog

for clear handling of all program settings

Performance prediction for compressors according to Casey/ Robinson

alternatively to Euler based performance prediction

Windows 10 support

currently supported systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


New impeller type "Squirrel cage" for radial ventilators

specific design theory, empirical correlations and geometric properties

3 alternative blade thickness definition modes

perpendicular to mean surface, perpendicular to mean line, tangential

Blade thickness distribution from hub to shroud/ tip

Thickness progression in span direction by exponential function

Alternative blade profile representation

in abs. or rel. coordinates corresponding to profile manager

Additional views for axial blades

Blade-to-Blade, Blade passage area, Blade-to-Blade distance

Display of blade thickness distribution in meridional view

Information for manufacturing


Extension on diffuser outlet (inlet for turbines)

Outflow/ inflow region for CFD