Context sensitive ribbon pages

pages become available according to selected component and view

Direct navigation between design steps

from every design step dialog to any other

Error/ Warning handling

directly within design step dialogs

Applying input values

explicitly by <Enter> or when leaving focused control

New/ enhanced CAE export interfaces

• OpenFOAM (geometry only)
• ANSYS SpaceClaim (STEP based)
• STAR-CCM+ (STEP based)

Windows Explorer integration

preview, property sheet, additional columns, Windows search

Antialiasing (MSAA) in 3D view


Potential flow calculation blade-to-blade

display of pressure and velocity distribution, absolute and relative velocity vectors

Solids for hub and shroud

flexible hub and shroud solid body design, which can be used for CAD, structural analysis and flow simulation;
Model finishing creates a material domain

Frontal view of blade optionally in docking area

parallel display of design space and frontal view available

Automatic main dimension parameter update optionally

use default values always, even after design step modifications

New 2D blade shapes for axial machines

Free-form and straight 2D blades


Flexible inlet conditions for spiral calculation

automatic calculation or manual specification optionally

... and numerous other improvements