CFturbo 10.4

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ANSYS Workbench

Full integration into the ANSYS Workbench (parametric, bi-directional)

ANSYS TurboGrid

Alternative ANSYS TurboGrid format: *.inf

Improved, solid based interfaces

 to ANSYS Spaceclaim, ANSA, Pointwise


New 3D interface Parasolid (import and export)


Export interface to hyperMILL (CAM software from OPEN MIND)

Export parameters in batch mode

All Export parameters are also available in batch mode

Opening batch mode files

Opening batch mode files

Interactive opening of batch mode files *.cft-batch alternatively to project files *.cft

Extended Drag & Drop

Extended Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop support for batch mode files, imported 3D files, reference projects

1D computation blade-to-blade flow

Display of blade loading during mean line design

Elliptical cross-sectional shape for volutes

Available for all round types (Round, Round asymmetric, Round internal)

Meridional preview

More realistic meridional preview with secondary flow path

3D model tree

3D model tree

Clearer presentation with the corresponding design step icons

Filtering messages

Filter by Info/ Warning/ Error to increase clarity


Direct use of the Coolprop library for real gas behaviour

... and numerous other improvements



Here you can find information about recent modifications (bug fixes, small new features) of CFturbo 10.4.