Major design steps

applies to pumps, ventilators, compressors and turbines

1. Main dimensions

  • Computation of the impeller main dimensions: hub diameter, suction diameter, impeller diameter, outlet width
  • Use of built-in or user-defined approximation functions for determination of pump parameters

2. Meridional contour

  • Design of meridional contour by Bezier-splines, arcs and lines or userdefined polylines
  • Positioning of straight or curved leading edge
  • Display information pertaining to important geometrical parameters
  • Computation of the meridional flow by a simple streamline curvature method; display of velocity distributions

3. Blade angles

  • Selecting blade shape: Free form 3D, General 2D, Circular 2D, Straight 2D, Ruled surface blades, Radial element blades
  • Blade design on 2 to 11 meridional flow sections
  • Computation of optimal blade angles considering the contraction of the flow channel and the slip factor
  • Display velocity triangles and tabular listing of velocity components and flow angles

4. Mean lines

  • Definition of mean lines by Bezier splines or user-defined polylines in the conformal m,t-mapping or via Beta distribution
  • Coupled or non-coupled manipulation of blade shape
  • Free choice to determine the wrap angle
  • Display of blade angle and cross section area distributions

5. Blade profiles

  • Specification of blade thickness on all profile sections
  • Linear thickness modification or free-form distribution
  • Display of designed impeller in frontal view

6. Blade edges

  • Round leading and/or trailing edges by Bezier splines, ellipses or linear shapes
  • Display of designed impeller in frontal view

7. 3D view

  • Dynamic 3D-representation (rotate, move, zoom)
  • Partial views
  • Export of CAD model