• nq-area approx. 10 ... 400

  • Calculation of the main dimensions: hub, suction and impeller diameter, inlet and outlet width

  • Closed and semi-open impeller with user-defined positioning of leading and trailing edge

  • User-defined meridional shapes (Bezier splines or straight line+arc) with controlling curvature and cross-sectional area progression, static moment

  • Blade angle calculation with estimation of decreased output

  • Simple curved 2D blades (prismatic, circular arc, straight) or spatially curved 3D-blades (free-form, ruled surface, radial elements) with controlling blade angle progression

  • Blade thickness distribution and rounding of the blade leading and/or trailing edge (Bezier splines, ellipse or simple)

  • Optionally use pre-defined blade profiles

  • 3D representation

Detailed information

Step-by-step design of an impeller: from entering the operating point to 3D-model:

Radial & mixed-flow impellers

Axial impellers

Examples of designed impellers

CFturbo-impellers in several CAE systems