3D CAD model

  • Dynamic 3D-representation (rotate, move, zoom)
  • Highly configurable partial views
  • Export of CAD model
  • Import of existing geometry for comparison

Parametric geometry model

  • Properties of all design steps available as parameters
  • Parametrics can be exported
  • Optionally, range limits can be specified for parameter variations
  • Eeasy integration into optimization workflows or DoE inverstigations

Reverse Engineering

  • Redesign of existing geometry as starting point for optimization
  • Import of existing meridional curves with automated conversion to Bezier splines
  • Blade design based on given blade angles on leading and trailing edge or import existing meanline curves
  • Input or import of blade thickness distribution (blade profiles)
  • Comparison of imported IGES/ STEP data with the redesigned 3D model
Instruction of reverse design
(1.8 MB)
 Import of 3D meanline data
(109 kB)




  • Meridional preview of project components
  • Quick access to design steps
  • Handling interfaces between components
  • Select active component
  • Show progressions for area, velocity, flow angle

Project management

  • Management of project information
  • Design report with the option of restoring previous design status
  • Display of warnings regarding specific parameters
  • Display of key design details

Data export

  • Export of points, curves, surfaces, solids
  • Neutral interfaces (STEP, IGES, STL, DXF)
  • Interfaces to important CAD and CFD systems
  • Implementation of special interfaces on customer request



Performance prediction

  • Display of performance curves for different rotational speed and impeller diameters
  • Calculation of fundamental impeller losses based on empirical correlations



Graphical dialogues

  • User-friendly display in diagrams with versatile functions
  • Shifting of Bezier dots per mouse or entering the exact coordinates (mostly relative coordinates due to automatic updating)
  • Magnifications, measuring of distances, printouts

Approximation functions

  • Use of numerous approximation functions based on published turbomachinery measurements
  • Graphical representation of internally used functions
  • Option of customised adaptation according to own know-how

Comparison of various designs

  • Simultaneous display of various designs for comparison and targeted modification
  • Reference geometries are displayed in dialogues with the selected colour and line thickness
  • Numeric values are displayed in an indication window above the corresponding entry fields


  • Setting of units to be used in the program
  • Geometrical data units for export
  • Separate definition of the number of data points to be created per geometry component for export
  • Online help language