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Funding project
An innovative method for design, layout and simulation of optimized turbomachinery

The aim of the project is to automatically design optimal turbomachines within the CFturbo software with the help of methods of virtual design of experiments (V.DoE). A cost-effective and robust method is to be developed with the aid of which the most important geometric parameters of turbomachinery are automatically varied and the resulting complex geometries are validated with flow simulation programs (CFD). The aim is to automatically determine the machine geometry that best meets the target parameters specified by the customer (e.g. high efficiency).

Funding project
Automatic optimization of turbomachinery

The aim of the project is to develop a robust workflow tailored to CFturbo. This should allow the integration of different optimization and simulation tools, so that the user has to spend significantly less personnel and time resources compared to a conventional, manual optimization. The scope of the necessary adjustments by the user should be limited to a manageable number. This will lower the time and technical acceptance threshold for optimization workflows and increase the acceptance of automatic product optimization for small and medium-sized companies.

Funding project
High-quality 3D geometry modeling and validation during turbomachinery design

The aim of the project is to further develop the methods of 3D geometry modelling, validation and modification available in CFturbo. The generated geometry models form the basis for simulation and optimization for validating and improving the initial design as well as for the production of physical turbomachinery components. Therefore, the high-quality modelling of both the solid components and the flow domain is of great importance. The project aims at further developing the strategies for geometry generation and validation applied in CFturbo in order to make the design process more efficient and to extend important functionalities as well as to improve the quality of the generated 3D geometry.